“Dressed in my time, I ruled seas, mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, forests. I was able to grasp the message of what the universe really wanted to let me know, asking my thoughts, enriching my spirit and nourishing my body with the deepest of wellbeing: love for myself. "

I live Yoga, meditation and the luxury of loving myself every day, however my favorite personalized cocktail has the ingredients that bring me calm, awareness and rejuvenation, and uplift my vibrations, the environment being essential. Opening their doors, stimulating the wellbeing of the escape, are all the best luxury hotel chains. More and more exceptional locations, both in remote corners of the globe and in urban areas, are integrating Yoga into their menu, transforming this possibility into a real culture, appearing in the program of possible daily activities such as yoga class, or allowing participation even if you are a guest for one night only.

Fundamental is the clear message that the most exclusive hotel chains communicate, meticulously giving life to unique atmospheres in nature, space, privacy and tranquility, which are impossible to resist. By welcoming guests as if they were at the home of a dear friend, instilling a sense of peace and belonging among some of the most diverse natural and historical landscapes in the world, the hotels manage to transform stays into experiences. In reality, guests choose the resort for the Yoga and wellness philosophy that the Resort embraces. It is no wonder that there are sold-out Yoga centers in 5-star luxury resorts, in the middle of the ocean or on top of skyscrapers, managed by Yogis trained in India.

The Journey experience, for the summer season, considers the most exclusive Yoga session on the beach to be in Bali, in Uluwatu. Here the partnership between the spectacle of the ocean and the temple from which Uluwatu takes its name is manifested in elegant and opulent resorts that instill peace and serenity, restoring value to a time that seems to stand still. Surrounded by gardens with palm trees, frangipani trees float in the phenomenal natural vegetation in a lush landscape that offers a regal sense of privacy, uniqueness, vastness and peace. Here your Yoga concierge will organize private experiences of 3, 5 or up to 21 days, or you can access the exclusive lessons scheduled in the Yoga Pavilion independently, all with the supervision of expert guides. For a natural emotional response of senses and power, "mixing without stirring" is the time for experiencing Yoga sessions in the forest, anti-aging Yoga programs, reconnections with yourself practicing Yoga in water, Yoga for pregnant women, anti-gravity Yoga, for a shot of pure energy, the Yoga Empire State Building cannot be missed. Yes, because if you are in New York and you love Yoga you can participate in morning yoga class during the year, booking early.

And while waiting for the thin line that separates us from our journey to disappear, let's go further and give soul to our eclectic being by choosing à la carte.




Photo Credit: Aman