The desert is a sound, it is music written with divine notes, sometimes of sand, sometimes of rock; a harmonious melody for those who are in a certain mood; those who feed on immensity and colour, and let nature break through. There between Horizon Boulevard and Paradise Avenue, in Utah, you will find an Oasis: an intimate resort that has its own life force which comes directly from the sand of the desert and the greatness of the Universe. This super exclusive resort nestled among the desert rocks is called Amangiri. Amangiri has 34 supersuites built right into the desert rock, offers the quintessence of luxury services and will open in summer 2020. Also in the Utah desert, with an area of 600 acres, Camp Sarika is dedicated to intimate reconnection with the self. The ultra-luxurious Camp Sarika is composed of only 10 tents, which for us mere mortals are immense villas with the vast desert and the entire sky that the human eye will be able to see. Here the guest will experience the natural emotion of the soul from the first moment.

But what happens if we only feel comfortable where there are noises, lights, and voices that speak louder than our own internal and external voices? Sounds of a different language, which in most cases take us there precisely because we have gone with the intention of not understanding, of creating an unknown idiom and unknown ideograms our necessary regeneration. Thus, we appreciate the transformation of chaos into beauty, for the pleasure and enjoyment of time, and we transform it into our personal form of art. Chaos addicts cannot help but love Tokyo, which welcomes us and gives itself in total beauty by offering the Imperial Palace Tokyo among extra luxury refuges. Here there is serenity at first glance. The history of royal Japanese antiquity already appears outside the palace and culminates in the perfect example of modernity inside the rooms. Forbes magazine has named Imperial Palace Tokyo "one of the best rooms of 2019".

And then there's the transporter. The task is to plan the holiday where you can have the gift of going everywhere. Using the time zone to experience the break from work, organised to make the family happy, or for the love of life, is a necessary condition for the workaholic. So a journey with many wonders for the eyes and planned experiences leads the traveller to choose the wonderful Cambodia. This land allows you to experience the journey, or to cure the sickness of traveling, in a complete way, in a limited time away from home, and to work with Italy at the end of the Asian day.

- "Rosita, 7-8 days at most! And put in the sea too... 3 days!"

- "Ah ok! (It goes without saying, we also include the satellite phone)."

All this is possible thanks to the exclusive Six Senses Krabey Island. A very private exotic refuge, with 40 exclusive pool villas, with generous indoor and outdoor spaces, hiding in the evocative jungle of the island of the same name and impeccably expressing the Six Senses style: nature, eco-resort, an extraordinary place, meeting the institutional definition of the luxury brand. Six Senses Krabey Island is tempting to both those who love to be sporty, as it has 22 experiences in its catalogue, and those who love to indulge. Six Senses Krabey Island takes inspiration from the sacred Kbal Spean River for the philosophical identity that the resort embodies, and is proposed as the fast track to wellness for those who have limited time to invest in their holiday.

Whatever your style, the result is a magnificent experience, shared with your loved ones, that you will want to book again upon returning.

Jackie 'O Milano 

Photo Credit: Six Senses