The luxury of an exclusive cruise is a journey in which the subjective concept of comfort is the special element needed to select and personalise the sailing experience. Among the various options of the most sought after luxury cruises, luxury charter boats, yachts and giga yachts, the nautical charter can boast, among others, two examples of sublimation of the ego, which lead the Owner Guest on an introspective journey.

The first is ALEXA Private Cruises, whose fleet includes ALEXA and ALEXA J, one destined for the sea of Indochina and the other for the sea of Greece. The second is BLUE DEER, a sophisticated catamaran of the Italian San Lorenzo Lodges chain, which allows sailing from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, depending on the season. These two examples of ingenuity and engineering, born from the owners' love for beauty, art and wellbeing, offer the possibility of dominating the seas, feeling like masters of the world, taking the experience beyond the confines of exclusivity. Both are designed to make you feel like you hold the world in the palm of your hand, thanks to the large spaces and the limited number of guests for which they have been designed: 2, 4 or 8 in total.

Luxury Yacht: ALEXA

ALEXA Private Cruises has two majestic sailing yachts. Technology and wooden charm are expressed throughout the 38 metre vessel. Available for two or four passengers and a crew of six people, it allows you to plan your tailor-made holiday in total privacy. A romantic journey to sail with sails unfurled enjoying the VIP service, customisable at the time of booking. ALEXA's world class VIP Service, among other experiences, allows you to have a SPA therapist and a yoga instructor, a private chef, and a wine cellar worthy of a collector on board, as well as tailor-made excursions in different locations selected by ALEXA Private Cruises or chosen by the Owner Guest. Going ashore or docking in the most beautiful bays will always be possible away from prying eyes.

Luxury Catamarans: BLUE DEER

The San Lorenzo Sea Lodge Blue Deer allows you to embrace the sea wherever you are on the yacht. Stained glass windows with infinity view, both in the lounge and in the cabins. Perception crosses into infinite blue, going beyond the size of her playful 74 feet. Blue Deer surpasses and extends its already impressive size, thanks to the two large outboard sunbathing areas at the bow; and you know that right at the bow each guest becomes the captain who steers his or her own course. Blue Deer offers 4 generous cabins, which we can define as real luxury rooms with king size beds, each with an en suite bathroom. Regarding this exclusive catamaran, the bathroom also deserves a mention, because it is designed to satisfy the most demanding eye and is made of grey lava rock. Blue Deer is equipped with the most beautiful games for having fun in the water. The staff are always available to meet the needs of the Owner Guest, offering the 5* Luxury Grand Hotel service.

Whatever your way of travelling or sailing, whether romantic or with a few close friends, both ALEXA and ALEXA J and BLUE DEER have just launched an extraordinary sailing proposal, offering the possibility of sailing for the weekend or for a short break in the Mediterranean. And for Dear Readers of Varenna Be Active, when booking a Luxury Cruise there is also a wonderful surprise on board!

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