You don’t have to be an award-winning athlete or weightlifter to stay fit. You also don’t have to own the best home gym to attain your fitness goals. But you can take advantage of no-equipment exercises that really work well to stay in‑shape! All you need is the right information, which you can learn by following top trainers.

If you are keen, you will realise that top trainers have some favourite exercises in each category. For those of you who cannot access a gym or training equipment, you can stick with the best no-equipment exercises loved by experienced trainers.

Air Swimming

If your intentions are to exercise the abs and the core, then air swimming is the right exercise for you. It is loved by skilled trainers since it is simple yet effective. All you need is a space to lie down with your stomach as the pivot and raise both legs and arms. It imitates the action of swimming. You will have to hold in that position for about 15 seconds to half a minute before resting.


This is an army-grade workout that is loved by all trainers. Push-ups are effective for the biceps and triceps as well as the core. The tip of your feet and the palms will be the support as the body lies parallel to the ground. The number of push-ups a person can do per set depends on the individual’s level of fitness although 10 to 30 are recommended. If you get used to this workout, you will reap numerous fitness benefits including a healthy heart.

Single Leg Dips

Single leg dips are highly effective both for the triceps and biceps as well as the glutes and the hamstrings. Numerous trainers claim that the fact that one leg is workout out during each round makes it more effective. When lying on your back, raise the torso with both arms as the support and one leg. The other leg should be elevated as you move up and down for a couple of reps before doing the same with the other leg.

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Split Squats

Split squats are not common exercises for most people, but they are some of the most effective. People are used to the regular squats where the body weight is shared by the two feet. The split squat involves one leg while the other is resting on a surface. It ensures that the glutes and hamstrings are exercised well. Both legs should receive equal attention of about 3 sets each of 10 reps.


Every person who loves fitness knows something about planks. It is because almost all fitness trainers will include it in their schedule. Planks are simple to perform, but the results are amazing. The plank position is the starting point, and one can do as many as possible. Planks are good for the arms, shoulders and chest as well.

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